Glasgow Orthodontic Academy is a registered UK-based academy. Glasgow Orthodontic Academy also provides one-on-one mentoring, webinars, training courses and workshops in orthodontics for orthodontic trainees/specialists ONLY as well as undertaking and supporting research and evidence-based orthodontics. 


All Possible Ways to The Success


Customized Lessons to Fit

One to one mentoring is an important part of the education process, it provides the candidates with the reassurance that they are never on their own when it comes to treating patients. This step by step approach has proven to build confidence in implementing the theory and techniques which have been taught on the course and students can draw comfort in being part of a wider group consisting of highly accomplished clinicians who understand the importance of sharing their wealth of knowledge for a greater benefit.

An interactive webinar is an online seminar that turns a presentation into a real-time conversation from anywhere in the world. We offer many interactive webinars in the field of orthodontics. Delegates have the opportunity to view the recorded webinars at later date.


Learn At Your Pace


Exam revision and enhanced CPDs

We run several orthodontic courses, hands-on and workshops in several countries including UK, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Australia, Jordan and Spain.


Tailored training to suit you

Glasgow Orthodontic Academy provides a bespoke orthodontic training service. Bespoke events are tailored to exact requirements and are outstanding value for money. Our customers range from small groups of specialists trainees preparing for exams. We speak at CPD meetings, conferences and workshops. We are happy to partner with other organisations.


Proofread and professional review of clinical cases (MOrth RCS & IMOrth RCS exams)

Through this service you will have the opportunity to book a one-hour private session with one of our tutors to discuss any orthodontic topics, practice any part of the exam or for help in selecting potential cases for the exam. In addition, you will have the opportunity to send your written cases to be revised by an external tutor -an experienced specialist orthodontist who has passed all exams. We will ensure that your case write ups are to the standard of the examination, supply you with potential questions related to your cases and guide you on how best to defend your cases. Please note that we will not write up the cases for you or make changes that might affect the transparency of the treatment.

This package cost £1000. 



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