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Object orientation during direct 3D printing of aligners

3D resin printing is technique sensitive where object print-orientation (PO), thickness of the printed layer, method of printing, postprinting process (PP), etc affect the accuracy of the printed object. PP includes some steps like wash and rinse with isopropyl alcohol (IPA), drying, UV curing and heating. Aligners can be produced indirectly by thermoforming plastic on a 3D printed models or, recently, can be printed directly using biocompatible materials. It is not clear whether the object orientation during direct 3D printing of aligners and the PP curing/ heating duration have an affect on the accuracy of the print. Today, AJODO journal published a paper (a head of print) in their December 2020 issue that answered this question. The study was in vitro study undertaken by a team from Texas/ USA led by Dr McCarty.

The main finding were: 1. PP curing and heat exposure is recommended but over heating and curing don’t add significant extra benefit. 2. The three tested PO (horizontal, vertical and 45-degree PO) did not significantly affect the overall dimensional accuracy of the printed aligners.

What do you think?

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