'Since joining Dr Almuzian’s comprehensive diploma in orthodontics, I have come to realize that the orthodontic department at my undergraduate university actually taught me very little about the field of orthodontics. Luckily, I discovered Dr Almuzian’s course and began to study under his guidance. This educational experience has filled the gap in my knowledge about the principles and practices of comprehensive orthodontics and how to perform a Royal London Space analysis. Dr Almuzian’s study regimen provides thousands of documented cases for examination. Many of them are explained step by step, have complete treatment sequences, and are backed up with the latest evidence. Dr Almuzian’s comprehensive diploma in orthodontics offers the most extensive, evidence-based, 7th edition M.Orth postgraduate notes (also used to prepare students for the Royal College M.Orth exams). His program supplies students with the latest textbooks for use throughout the course as well as real-life case discussions in lectures, webinars, and one-to-one tuition.
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