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Ortho Exam Academy


It's our pleasure and privilege to be able to present you with this comprehensive bank of questions relevant to the orthodontic membership and board examinations. Never before has a bank of orthodontic questions been curated and presented in an exam simulation format designed to enhance your exam skills and refine your knowledge.

These examinations are set up to simulate orthodontic exams which are drawn from a bank of previous question with some new questions from current, relevant topics to the orthodontic field.

You can take advantage of this tool to exam success and access 30 questions for free.


But the opportunities for learning don't stop there!


For a small fee (to cover our running costs of this service and the sourcing of further questions), you can purchase a token to unlock a further 60 questions. Each set of questions is randomly generated from our bank of more than 600 questions, to aid you in preparing for your examination and simulate real life examination conditions. 

You have the option to purchase as many tokens and unlock more questions that will build your confidence and lead you on the path to success in your professional exams.

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