AVIOS (Almuzian Virtual Interceptive Orthodontic) analyser (Beta testing phase version) is an open access Web-Based App developed by Dr Mohammed Almuzian (Specialist Orthodontist/ UK) to assist dentists in screening their patient who might require interceptive orthodontic treatment.


Disclaimer: AVIOS analyser advice is suggestive only and general in nature. Any diagnosis, prescription, treatment or advice should be the decision and sole responsibility of the treating dentist. AVIOS and its team do not assume or accept responsibility for specific treatment decisions made by dentists providing treatment for their patients. Please consult a specialist orthodontist for any active orthodontic intervention or when in doubt. AVIOS analyser WebApp is at its Beta phase of testing, so it is not perfect and it will never be perfect or replace knowledge and clinical experience! 

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Download and use Ortho PAR for FREE (Apple store, Google play and website)!

It is our pleasure to announce that Dr Haris Khan and I have launched today our free-access App called (Ortho PAR) to help orthodontists and researchers in evaluating orthodontic outcomes. Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index is a reliable and widely accepted method to evaluate orthodontic treatment outcome. In this friendly-user version App, the difference between the pre- & the post-treatment scorings can be undertaken easily and effectively to evaluate orthodontic treatment outcome to improve the quality of service and for audit/ research purposes. We welcome your feedback!