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  • For £150 only, to cover our running costs of this service and the sourcing of further questions, you can purchase a bundle of tickets to unlock 180 questions.
  • Each bundle of tickets contains 3 separate coupons, each coupon gives you access to 58-60 questions.
  • The questions are randomly generated from our bank of more than 1000 questions, to aid you in preparing for your examination and simulate real-life examination conditions.
  • If you are a new user, you would get a random repetition of 0-5% of the questions each time you use a new coupon.
  • This offer is valid until the midnight of the 1st of January 2020, hurry up!
  • You have the option to purchase 3 bundles of tickets
  • Unlock more questions that will build your confidence and lead you on the path to success in your professional exams.
  • Terms and conditions applied.


Bundle of tickets (180 questions)

SKU: PT2020
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£150.00Sale Price
  • By agreeing to use our services, you have agreed to our terms and conditions including but not limited to:

    • This bundle of ticket is for NEW USERS only who did not purchase tickets before,
    • You can buy three bundles of ticket at MAXIMUM,
    • Each bundle of ticket will provide you with an access to 175-180 randomly selected MCQs,
    • Due to auto-randomization functionality, the 175-180 MCQs, from our growing bank of over 1000 MCQs, will include a combination of 95-99% new questions in addition to 1-5% of previous questions that you already undertaken, this to mimics exam scenarios.
    • When you purchase this package, we will send you via email (within 24-48 hours) three coupons, each coupon will allow you to test your knowledge in 58-60 new questions,
    • Please remember that our system consider each email ID as a new user, so DO NOT register with different email IDs otherwise you will get a repeated questions,
    • Using multiple accounts from the same IP address (Internet Protocol) will lead to blocking your account indefinitely, this is to limit profitable and non-profitable third parties uses of our service,
    • Using the same account from more than one IP address can also lead to blocking your account indefinitely, this is to limit profitable and non-profitable third parties uses of our service,
    • If it is reported to us that your log in accesses and/or learning materials have been shared with profitable or non-profitable third parties, then we will block your account indefinitely
    • We DO NOT provide explanations for the questions nor their answers. We simply display the wrong answers at the end of each test based on our best knowledge,
    • You have one try for each ticket, however, you can resume your test and start from the last question you have answered,
    • The test is one way structure i.e. you CAN NOT move forward or backward during the test however you have unlimited time to answer the questions, AND
    • You have 3 purchases, however, our system monitor the plagiarism of screen’s recording which might result in blocking your account without further notice.


  • If you purchased 3 bundles of tickets during the period from 1st of October and 31st of December 2020, then you will get a FREE ACCESS to FREE re-test (180 questions), this would include a combination of questions from the tests that you undertook in your 3-bundle of tickets journey as well as some new questions. The link to the Free re-test will be sent separately when 3 bundle of tickets are purchased. Hurry up!