Do you want to join us?

Dear Orthodontic patient,

We are inviting you to take part in our new and exciting Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics run by the Glasgow Orthodontic Academy in collaboration with Brite Dental and the Berkeley Clinic. The post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics will be led by Dr Mohammed Almuzian, a world renowned Specialist Orthodontist who lectures all over the world along with other orthodontic and dental specialists.

Your orthodontic treatment will be at the Berkeley Clinic (5 Newton Terrace, Glasgow G3 7PJ).

Your orthodontic treatmentwill be like any normal orthodontic treatment with the exception that there the treatment will be delivered by a training dentist under direct supervision of specialist orthodontic tutors present during your treatment. ALL training dentists are UK registered dentists who are studying for a postgraduate diploma in clinical orthodontics, however they are NOT specialist orthodontists or specialist orthodontic trainees. 

If you are willing to participate then please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Alison McGrail (, the specialist orthodontists will initially assess your teeth and bite. If your treatment is within the scope of the clinical requirements of the diploma, we will be happy to offer you a treatment using fixed orthodontics (braces). Traditionally, this type of treatment would privately cost £2000-4000, however as this is an educational course, a total fee of just £400 would be payable. As a thank you from Brite Dental, we would also include complimentary teeth whitening, if it is possible with your case, at the end of your treatment to enhance your new straighter smile. However, if your teeth need a complex treatment or specialist input only then we will suggest alternative treatment route through NHS, private treatment by specialist orthodontists or refer you to other dental practitioner who is more expert in treating your case. Assessment appointment should be 60 minutes long but can be extended to 120 minutes. 

If you commit to the treatment, please be aware of the terms and conditions as well as the risk and benefits of orthodontic treatments which can be accessed from this link.

To make the best of your new smile and as a thank you for your cooperation, you will receive complimentary tooth whitening worth £299.00 on completion of your treatment.

We look forward to speaking with in the near future to arrange your appointments. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (



Kind Regards

Glasgow Orthodontic Academy in Collaboration with the Brite Dental and the Berkeley Clinic (Glasgow)