Dr.Lourens Bester ,General Dentist,Valley Dental Clinic, Anglesey'
'Since joining Dr Almuzian’s comprehensive diploma in orthodontics, I have come to realize that the orthodontic department at my undergraduate university actually taught me very little about the field of orthodontics. Luckily, I discovered Dr Almuzian’s course and began to study under his guidance. This educational experience has filled the gap in my knowledge about the principles and practices of comprehensive orthodontics and how to perform a Royal London Space analysis. Dr Almuzian’s study regimen provides thousands of documented cases for examination. Many of them are explained step by step, have complete treatment sequences, and are backed up with the latest evidence. Dr Almuzian’s comprehensive diploma in orthodontics offers the most extensive, evidence-based, 7th edition M.Orth postgraduate notes (also used to prepare students for the Royal College M.Orth exams). His program supplies students with the latest textbooks for use throughout the course as well as real-life case discussions in lectures, webinars, and one-to-one tuition.
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Thank you Dr. Almuzian. You have a great teaching style which is engaging and has helped me answer many previously unanswered questions about your evidence-based approach. I had a fantastic time on the course and would highly recommend dentists and orthodontists to attend the ACE course if they want to be at the forefront of orthodontic knowledge. I cannot wait to attend your future courses.

Josh Rowley/ Orthodontic Trainee/ UK

Attended the course by Dr. Almuzian. His practical teaching method backed by up-to-date evidence allows you to grasp the subject easily. Highly recommended!

Navin Sinniah/ Orthodontic Trainee/ UK

It is my pleasure to endorse ACE diploma in Orthodontics for GDPs. The program provides the candidates with solid knowledge and basic skills that are required to manage orthodontic cases in their practice with competence. 
The director of the program, Dr. Almuzian, truly is an outstanding professional and I am sure he will be a great instructor for the candidates in this program. I have known Mohammed for many years and what always is astonishing to me is the energy and enthusiasm that he brings to his work. Mohammed has a way of motivating the others to do great work. I am sure that the candidate will see the high quality of work of Dr. Almuzian as an instructor, researcher, and clinician. 
Specialist graduate from Fahad Alharbi UK assistant professor of Orthodontics at Prince Sattam University.

Fahad Alharbi/ Assistant professor of Orthodontics at Prince Sattam University

Dr. Almuzian has a love for what he does and this clearly transpires in his motivation and enthusiasm for teaching. I would recommend the ACE course to all general dental practitioners and orthodontists who wish to practice evidence-based orthodontics and receive teaching from a true professional.

Emma Suiter/ SpR in Orthodontic/ UK

The ACE orthodontic course has superseded all my expectations from a diploma so far. 
The organisation of timetables, webinars, one-on-one sessions and all events are planned with the ultimate accuracy. 
Each module has been extremely thoroughly presented and we have had the privilege of having some of the most high profile speakers teaching us on topics like occlusion, critical appraisals etc. These are skills that can be transferred into our everyday dentistry not just orthodontics. 
The mixture of theory and clinical sessions are perfectly balanced and Dr Mo speaks and teaches with such enthusiasm that it becomes infectious! 
I would wholeheartedly recommend this diploma to any dentist looking to introduce/ improve their skills in orthodontics. I am flying from Ireland for each module (once a month), leaving my three kids behind and I absolutely believe it is well worth the journey!

Dr Laura Mcatarsney, BDS (Registered Dentist in Ireland and UK)

I would like to thanks Dr. Mohammed Almuzian for his hospitality, kindness, and support during the Orthodontic Membership exam in London. He is an expert in his field sharing his knowledge without barriers. I found him keen to teach and share whatever he got from knowledge or any material. He notes is a highly professional, simple and effective source in orthodontic. I greatly recommended him and wish him more success in the future. Good luck dr Almuzian in your new course

Faisal/ Specialist Orthodontist/ Malaysia 

Hello everyone, I have known Dr. Almuzian on a professional and personal level for many years and I am most delighted to endorse the Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics being offered by the ACE in orthodontics team. Mohammed has been a massive influence in my development towards practicing Orthodontics at a specialist level. His profound understanding of his subject and teaching methods have shaped my skill set and professional approach to this wonderful area of dentistry! I have looked at the course curriculum and it really looks promising and beneficial to GDPs.  I have no doubt that ACE team will deliver above and beyond expectation!

Dr. Eirini Papadima/ Specialist Orthodontist/ UK

 DDS MclinDent MOrth RCSEd GDC number 116017

“I’ve known Dr. Almuzian on a professional and personal level for many years and I am delighted to endorse the Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics being offered by the ACE in orthodontics team. I have looked closely at the course curriculum and can confidently say that it looks promising and beneficial to all and GDPs in particular. I have no doubt that ACE team has and will deliver above and beyond expectations."

Fadi Al-Silwadi

Specialist in Orthodontics


GDC # 252526